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Is GoGoAnime safe and legal? Why did Disney ban GoGoAnime?




GoGoAnime is a free streaming portal where you can watch and download your favorite anime shows or movies. GoGoAnime has the majority of anime movies and TV shows available to view, which is why it is so famous among anime fans.

Anime fans may watch and download their favorite anime TV series and movies in various formats and resolutions for free.

Is GoGoanime Legit?

Despite the fact that GoGoanime is a popular streaming anime site for anime fans, it is not legitimate. The Website uploads content to its channel without a license or permission from the anime creator and authority. It is not legally safe to access GoGoAnime since it supports piracy.

How safe is GoGoanime?

As I have told you, This website allows users to download animes video without the permission of their owners, and that’s why the website is illegal and unsafe to use in terms of legality.

Furthermore, the website is cluttered with hundreds of adverts containing malware and viruses, which open at random and can destroy your system. Although you can use an adblocker when accessing the website, it is not entirely secure and safe to visit. AdBlocker will protect you from potentially harmful advertisements.

Why did Disney ban GoGoanime in India?  

Disney ban GoGoAnime

According to a recent news source, Disney has taken action against the website for its illegal material and promotion of piracy. Disney isn’t pleased with GoGoAnime’s illicit promotion of its shows without a license or permission.

Disney Enterprises has moved the Delhi High Court to prohibit Pirate’s domain from unlawfully streaming high-quality anime. The name of the illicit domain GoGoanime, provided by Disney Enterprise, was also included on the list.

GoGoanime apk app for Mobile

If you don’t like streaming or downloading anime on the PC, then, in that case, you can use the GoGoanime app on your Mobile. The app consists of all the Japanese animes you are looking for, with English subtitles and even dub for free.

You can also add animes to your favorites list and be notified when new episodes are released. You can also download anime in a variety of formats and resolutions using the app. The app provides users with the most recent movies and shows as soon as they are released.

How does GoGoanime make money?

GoGoAnime makes money

GoGoanime relies mainly on advertising to make money. The advertisements you see on the website and the obnoxious pop-up advertising are what help GoGoanime make money.

Aside from that, it receives sponsored commercials due to its massive viewership and large anime fan base; the GoGoAnime mobile app alone has over 1,00,000 downloads, and various ads run on it.


GogoAnime is a 100% free anime streaming service that does not require you to create an account or download any software. It is, however, illegal to upload content without a license or authorization from the creator, although it is not illegal to watch or stream on the Internet.

The website has various spammy and harmful advertisements and pop-up adverts, and visiting such a website isn’t completely safe because it might harm your device in a variety of ways. However, I recommend installing an ad blocker on your smartphone or Chrome browser to protect you from unwanted advertisements while watching your favorite anime show.

Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, Angel Beats, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, Fruits Basket, Guilty Crown, and many other series are available to stream in GoGoanime. You may also view some of the best anime films, including One Piece 3D2Y, Ghost in the Shell: Awakening Border 3, The Asylum Session, Sword of Truth, etc.

In some countries, the website has been banned for promoting piracy, but in others, you may watch anime movies and TV series for free.

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