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Xolo Maridueña’s Blue Beetle suit gets leaked: Actor Responds to leaks



Xolo Blue Beetle Suit leaked

Following the popularity of Cobra Kai, DC has cast Xolo Mariduea in the role of Blue Beetle. For the first time in Atlanta, Xolo Mariduea was spotted on the set of his next Blue Beetle film.

Xolo was photographed in his entire Blue Beetle suit, which is comically realistic. Jaime encounters a strong alien scarab that transforms him into the classic DC title hero in Blue Beetle.

Xolo was even witnessed falling off the top of a taxicab. The costume has received tremendously positive feedback from fans.

Blue Beetle suit
Pic Courtesy – Just Jared

In a photo shared by Aaron Couch, Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto is seen with Mariduea. With this, Aaron confirmed the role of Xolo Mariduea as the next live-action Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle for DC Comics.

Mayes C. Rubeo, who has worked on WandaVision, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Thor: Ragnarok, designed the Blue Beetle suit.

Fan’s reaction on Blue Beetle

The Blue Beetle outfit has been dubbed the best live-action superhero suit ever by many comic fans. You can see some of the fan reactions below.

Xolo Mariduea’s response to the leaks

The response from Xolo Mariduea was as entertaining. In order to demonstrate his gratitude to his fans, the actor took to Instagram stories while on the bathroom.

Xolo Mariduea's on Blue Beetle suit

Blue Beetle was originally slated to be an HBO Max original before Warner Bros. and DC Films transformed it into a theatrical release in the summer of 2023. Since Blue Beetle has only recently begun filming, more information will most certainly be released in the next weeks and months.


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