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Netflix Considering Releasing Cobra Kai and other TV Shows Weekly



Netflix Considering Releasing Cobra Kai and other TV Shows Weekly

Cobra Kai season 5 premiered on September 9, and since then, it has received tons of praise from both viewers and critics. On Rotten Tomato, critics have given the new season a perfect score of 100.

Netflix is not only the home for Cobra Kai but for other fantastic shows like Stranger Things, The Witcher, Umbrella Academy, and more. All Netflix and Cobra Kai fans may be disappointed by this news.

Netflix might ditch the binge-release model and move to weekly release for its shows. At the same time, rival streaming services like Amazon Prime, Disney+, and HBO Max have been releasing their shows every week for a very long time, whereas Netflix releases the complete of its original series at once.

According to Puck News, Netflix is considering a new release strategy. Weekly broadcasts increase fan engagement and keep social media buzzing for months, as seen with Disney+.

On the other hand, the Netflix binge-release model creates abuzz for a few weeks and then starts to fade. Although Netflix continues to be the most popular streaming service worldwide, its rivals are catching up.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Amazon and House of the Dragon on HBO are presently trending internationally.

Does Cobra Kai Season 6 Episodes will release on a weekly basis?

Cobra Kai TV Shows Weekly

It is possible. There is no doubt that the future season of Cobra Kai may go for a weekly release schedule rather than releasing every episode at once. Cobra Kai’s popularity is mammoth, and it is one of the blockbuster shows on Netflix.

Netflix may decide to switch to weekly releases next year, which will impact all upcoming shows. Do tell us whether you like to watch TV shows weekly basis or in binge-style in the comment section below.

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