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Saba Mubarak is the Real Voice behind Ammit in MoonKnight



Saba Mubarak Voice of Ammit

Warning Spoiler Ahead: MoonKnight season’s sixth and final episode finally dropped on May 4, bringing the exciting saga of Marc Spector and Steven Grant to an end. We also watched Ammit, the goddess, reveal her true self. However, many of you are still curious about who is behind Ammit’s voice.

Many have speculated from the first episode of the series if Ammit, the Egyptian goddess of retribution, will appear in MoonKnight, and we finally received our answer in Episode 6.

Ammit finally makes her physical debut, complete with her CGI crocodile head. Some viewers of the series may be wondering who voiced the character because she had such a compelling presence.

Saba Mubarak is the voice behind Ammit

Saba Mubarak voice of Ammit

Ammit is voiced by none other than Jordanian actor Saba Mubarak. The Actress is well-known for her roles in international, local films and television shows, notably in Egyptian cinema. Mubarak’s credits include “Hamilton: In the Interest of the Nation,” a 2012 action thriller, and “The Covenant,” a 2015 fantasy serial.

Mubarak already worked with Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab on the drama Amira in 2021. Mubarak’s first major appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Moon Knight.

Saba Mubarak in party

Time will tell if Mubarak will reappear to voice Ammit, as the goddess was bound to Harrow in Moon Knight. As the person that voices Ammit in Moon Knight, she undoubtedly delivered a strong performance.

Two Actresses played Ammit role

Yes, you read that correctly: Saba Mubarak was the true voice behind Ammit, but Sofia Danu was the real goddess of Ammit’s body. Sofia was in charge of motion graphics and the person responsible for CGI for Ammit recreation. She brought Ammit to life in the real world.

Sofia Danu is best known for her roles in the films Silent Witness (1996) and Held for Ransom (1998). (2019). She became well-known for her role as Fay in the film Fay’s Palette. Sofia Danu is a talented and beautiful actress in the industry.

Ammit’s release was portrayed as the worst-case scenario. Ammit said that she assessed people’s spirits based on whether or not they were balanced. Even though Ammit could tell Harrow’s spirit was unstable, she opted to make him her avatar because he was the one who eventually freed her.

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