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Ron Howard’s “Thirteen Lives” is an Oscar Contender Movie



Thirteen Lives

Ron Howard’s nail-biting Thai Cave Drama “Thirteen Lives” is based on a real-life rescue mission that captivated the world in 2018. Howard’s film, definitely one of his greatest, delivers a thrilling, sweeping depiction of the mission and reveals unexpected new elements that were kept secret for ethical reasons.

The incident received extensive media coverage. In 2018, 12 boys and their football coach went caving for an adventure, but became stuck as flooding from heavy rains filled the maze-like cavern.

The rescue effort, carried out by Thai officials in collaboration with several independent foreign divers, garnered worldwide attention and took more than two weeks.

Ron Howard has done an incredible job of relaying the story. He is the finest director for this film, based on his previous films such as Apollo 13 and In the Heart of the Sea, which are both about human survival despite all obstacles.

Ron Howard's Thirteen Lives

Before the teaser was released, Thirteen Lives were already on the list of Oscar contenders for next year. In test screenings, “Thirteen Lives” received the “best test results in MGM history.” However, test screenings never tell the whole story.

Here’s what Critics have to say about Thirteen Lives

The critics are raving about this film, citing “Thirteen Lives” as the best film of the year.

Thrilling dramatization of the Thailand cave rescue

By Wendy Ide

Ron Howard’s ‘Thirteen Lives’ is a suffocating experience — that’s what makes it great

by Mick LaSalle

Dramatizing the Near Impossible

By Amy Nicholson

Ron Howard’s Thai Cave Rescue Film Is Tense but Dutiful


Thirteen Lives,  gets a one-week theatrical release July 29 and launched globally August 5 on Prime Video.

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