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How Tall is Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan? Is he short?



Levi Ackerman height

The Attack on Titan anime is based on the manga series of the same name by Hajime Hisazu. The series is set in the future where humanity has been forced to live within a walled city due to a malicious race of giants called the Titans. A hole appears in the wall one day, and a Titan nearly breaks through. In response, the military sends a group of young recruits to explore the city and find a way to stop the Titans.

The world is in grave danger and only the Titans can save it. Levi Ackerman is the leader of the Special Operations Squad in Attack on Titan. He is formally known as Captain Levi and is regarded as “the strongest soldier in the world”. Captain Levi teamed up with Eren Jaeger to explore the unknown depths of a world in turmoil and find the keys to unlock the mysteries of his past and the Titans.

Captain Levi is a powerful, determined, skilled, and intelligent person. He’s an Ackerman, and he has several unique qualities that set him different from the rest. Levi’s age is unclear, however, we do know that when Season 1 began, he was in his early thirties.

How Tall is Levi Ackerman?

You probably picture Levi Ackerman as a tall, slender man, but the truth is much different. Levi is only about 5 ft 2 inches (1.57 m) tall and approximately 160 cm

Levi Ackerman height

At 5’2″, he is the strongest soldier in Attack on Titan and is an excellent ODM gear user.

Even Frozen’s Olaf, the snowman height is about 5 ft 4 inches tall. This means that the beloved snowman would be two inches taller than the expressionless Captain Levi. So yes, Captain Levi may be short in nature, but one should never underestimate his strength.

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