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Who made Taylor Swift bracelet wore at AFC Championship game



Taylor Swift bracelet

After the Kansas City Chiefs clinched their spot in the Super Bowl by winning the AFC championship game last week, Swift embraced Kelce in a heartwarming moment. Their joyful hug on the field quickly became an internet sensation, with people sharing pictures of the duo beaming with happiness and embracing, showcasing Swift’s diamond friendship bracelet from Wove, an online jewelry store.

This special bracelet was crafted by Wove, which was founded and is operated by Andrew Wolgemuth and Brian Elliott, both veteran Army Rangers.

According to sources, Kelce arranged for the bracelet to be made as a Christmas present for Swift, leveraging his connection with another professional athlete associated with the company.

Since Taylor Swift hugged her NFL boyfriend, Travis Kelce, while wearing one of their diamond tennis bracelets, the company owned by two former Army Rangers has experienced a staggering 2,000% increase in sales.

Wolgemuth expressed the company’s anticipation for Swift to wear the bracelet, stating they had been eagerly waiting for her to showcase it. He added that the iconic hug between Swift and Kelce provided the perfect opportunity for a definitive photo featuring the bracelet, bringing them immense joy and excitement.

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