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Cobra Kai Creators and Cast Tease Hilary Swank Appearance in Season 5



Hilary Swank Cobra Kai

We’ve already seen “Terry Silver” in the previous season of Cobra Kai, and Hilary Swank could appear in the next Cobra Kai season 5. At Deadline’s Contenders Television event on Saturday, Cobra Kai’s creative team teased a possible cameo of Hilary Swank on the show.

Cobra Kai co-creator Hayden Schlossberg says, “I always say if you’re a fan of The Next Karate Kid and you want to see Julie Pierce, who Hilary Swank plays, “we’re the show to watch to see if that happens.” The Karate Kid spinoff’s fifth season wrapped filming in December 2021. Ali Mills, played by Elisabeth Shue, and Terry Silver, played by Thomas Ian Griffith, have both returned to the Miyagi verse in the Netflix series.

As a former student of Mr. Miyagi, Julie-san seems like another obvious option. “Anything is possible,” said Schlossberg 

Cobra Kai Cast React to Hilary Swank’s Return

Cobra Kai’s cast reacts to the possibility of Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank) returning in future seasons. Ralph Macchio, William Zapka, Hawk/Eli actor Jacob Bertrand, and Robby actor Tanner Buchanan, all members of the Cobra Kai cast, spoke to ET about the potential of Hilary Swank’s Julie Pierce joining the show. Macchio and Zapka both indicated it’s a possibility because she’s a well-known character in the Miyagi universe, but they couldn’t tell if she’s in the works or not.

Is Julie Pierce Tory’s mother?

Hilary Swank Next Karate Kid

After Ali Mills’ daughter theory was debunked, Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank) is rumored to take the role of Tory’s mother.

Tory’s Cobra Kai story starts with her already knowing martial arts, which explains why she chose this path. We will soon learn about Tory’s family in Cobra Kai Season 5

Cobra Kai Season 5 holds even more surprises.

Cobra Kai Season 5

The Cobra Kai Season 5 will be full of surprises, according to executive producer and showrunner Jon Hurwitz. He told People Magazine that after fourth season finale, which saw Terry Silver played by Thomas Ian Griffith and John Kreese’s Cobra Kai dojo triumph over the students of both Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, even after the two long-sparring senseis had made peace with one another.

“The fun with season 5 is you don’t know where it’s headed because season 4, you knew a tournament was coming — season 5, it’s a wide-open canvas,” revealed Hurwitz.

“We’re just always looking for ways to surprise. Maybe there’s some surprise appearances in store. Always looking for ways to draw from the past in fresh ways. And also do things with our characters that people fall in love with on Cobra Kai that maybe people wouldn’t expect.”

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