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Cobra Kai Writer says, You’ll see Tory Nichols Family in Season 4



Tory Nichols Family

Tory Nichols (Peyton List), is without a doubt the most interesting character in Cobra Kai. The show’s writer Hayden Schlossberg recently held a Twitter Q&A session with fans, in which he shared various details about the upcoming season 4, including the Cobra Kai Season 4 episode length and Tory’s storyline this season. 

The identity of Tory Nichols parents is a big Cobra Kai mystery. Thankfully, this season will put a stop to all of the speculations and theories regarding Tory Nichols family, including whether or not her secret father is Terry Silver and whether or not she is the “Julie Pierce, daughter.”

According to Schlossberg, Tory Nichols’ past and family will be revealed in Cobra Kai Season 4 for the first time. “You meet more of her family,” Schlossberg explains in a Twitter Q&A session with followers. 

Tory’s mother was a struggling waitress, and we only know that she still lives in the Valley with Tory, who is working hard to care for her and pay her medical bills.

Another thing Schlossberg stated is that Besides Terry Silver we can expect others’ cameo in Season 4. Who Knows Tory Nichols’s parents are stars from The Karate Kid Trilogy? 

As we have told you earlier, Rumors also suggest that Aisha Robinson could possibly return in Season 4.

Theories about Tory Nichols Parents

Tory Nichols Family theories

Tory Nichols first appeared in Cobra Kai during Season 2 when she applied for a place in the rebranded Cobra Kai. She rapidly established herself as a formidable opponent. Cobra Kai has remained tight-lipped about her past and family.

On the internet, there are numerous popular theories regarding Tory parents.

Tory is Ali Mills’s daughter 

The most popular theory was that doing rounds from Season 2 is that Tory is Ali Mills’s daughter. However, season 3 showed that this wasn’t the case.

Her mom was a struggling waitress, whereas Ali is a successful doctor with a family of her own in Denver, Colorado.

Tory’s Father Is Terry Silver

As Cobra Kai Season 4 marks the return of Terry Silver, the buzz around Terry being Tory’s father has reached greater heights. 

Long ago, this wealthy businessman may have had a brief romance with Tory’s mother. It’s possible that he rapidly moved on and terminated ties with her, which is why her financial situation is so awful.

Tory’s Mother Is Julie Pierce (Next Karate Kid’s)

Tory Nichols mother

After Ali Mills’ daughter theory was debunked, Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank), the main protagonist of The Next Karate Kid, has taken up the role of Tory’s Mother.

Tory’s Cobra Kai story began with her already knowing martial arts, which explains why.

All these are speculation but we will soon get to know about Tory’s family this season. The Cobra Kai Season 4 will premiere on Netflix on December 31.

Who do you think is Tory’s Nichols Mother and father? Share your thought in our comment section below. 

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