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Why Light and Ryuk Relationship is like One Soul in Two Bodies?



light and ryuk relationship

The anime Death Note is about a human who gains the power to kill people by writing their name in a special notebook, the death note. The anime features an intense cat-and-mouse game between Light, who wants to change the world into a utopian society through his power over life and death, and L, an investigator trying to find out who is responsible for all the murders. Light, who has adopted the persona Kira, believes that he is purifying the world by killing off criminals.

It has proven to be very popular especially for Light and Ryuk relationship, leading to the production of novels, video games, and many other products. The film was written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. While it was directed by Shusuke Kaneko

Light was a consummate fabricator. He fooled everyone and treated them as disposable instruments by giving them enough importance. There’s no way he displayed his genuine face to those who knew he was Kira. Only one person had true knowledge of Light Yagami. The awful irony is that the one person in whom Light had entire faith was, in fact, even more evil than Light. 

Light and Ryuk Relationship

I had heard of Light and L before I became a Death Note devotee. It’s impossible to be an anime fan without knowing these names. But it was Light and Ryuk’s relationship that I found to be the most intriguing ( part of why Yotsuba is so dull, not enough Ryuk). The all-important Death God who’s content to sit around and watch a mortal pretend to be a god. A psychopathic god that enjoys playing Mario Golf and eating apples. The astute operator who only feels safe enough to remove all of his masks while conversing with the one person who is clearly not on his side.

After becoming bored with the Shinigami Realm, Ryuk (リューク, Ryūku) sends Light Yagami a Death Note in an oblique manner. Ryuk is still a mystery, but he could be ancient enough that nothing can entertain him because he’s spent too much time in the Shinigami Realm and has seen everything.

Light, on the other hand, has Misa, Mikami, Takada, and a number of other people, but he still relies on Ryuk, who has been completely honest about not caring about Light well-being or his intentions. Ryuk is the most self-centered character in the entire series, yet Light always gravitates toward him. While Ryuk was literally tied to Light, that didn’t change the very fact that he was sometimes a real friend to the lonely (by choice) Light.

When Ryuk became fond of Light, he began to play a part in Light’s cognitive processes. If Light has to be persuaded of something, he tells Ryuk about it.

Did Light know Ryuk killed him?

Light and Ryuk Death Note

We might never have imagined how horrible the end of Light Yagami and Ryuk romance would be, with Ryuk executing Light by writing his name on Death Note.

Yes, Light knew Ryuk had scribbled his name on the death note when he died, given his intelligence. Remember, Light takes Ryuk for granted in the end. So much so that, in his desperation, he considers turning to Ryuk for assistance. It was Light’s biggest blunder.

Because that is what convinces Ryuk, once and for all, that Light has passed him by. Ryuk specifically told Light that since Light now owned Ryuk’s Death Note, it would be Ryuk’s obligation to kill Light when his time came.

He knew Matsuda’s frantic shooting badly injured him, so the fact that he experienced a heart attack would probably clue him in that Ryuk wrote his name.

Why do you think Light felt so comfortable with Ryuk? Why did he ignore Ryuk’s unequivocal warnings? Why was Ryuk Light’s only friend?

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