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Justice League Snyder Cut help HBO Max blow out its competitors



Justice League Snyder Cut on HBO Max

Snyder Cut help HBO Max to Climb up the Top Position in Streaming Service

Zack Snyder Justice League’s popularity helps HBO Max to dethrone its competition and made it the King of the streaming platform last week. The HBO Max has recorded the most significant jump in video streaming the previous week, as viewers tune to HBO Max to see Justice League Snyder Cut.

The new statistics indicate that the HBO Max had the biggest increase in ‘ratings’ and ‘downloads’ weekly. All the success had majorly driven by  Justice League Snyder Cut, which debuted last week. HBO Max’s downloads increased by more than 64% from the prior week about 1.48 million “new downloads” of the HBO Max mobile app have been recorded. It’s a huge number more than the Disney+, Showtime, Roku, and AT&T TV combined together.

According to Bloomberg Apptopia analyzed data, there were 119.1 million app sessions on HBO Max, an increase of 8.9 percent in the week ending March 28. 

HBO MaxT119.1 million8.91.48 million64
Disney+DIS69.7 million0.48,31,0664
RokuROKU62.5 million0.94,83,8833.4
AT&T TVT2.21 million1.538,6902.3
ShowtimeVIAC7.87 million0.976,10112
Apptopia Analyzed Data

As per SambaTV, Justice League Snyder Cut has been watched by 2.2 million viewers in the first full week. If we compared it with Wonder Woman 1984, which earned around three million viewers in its first week back in December.

In Asia, Zack Snyder Justice League is already a Hit and broke all the Records. New Update suggested views of the film had slowed down over the rest of the opening week.

Recently WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar claimed that HBO Max had surpassed Disney+ in revenue generation, thanks to a growing subscriber base, a higher base cost, and Warner Bros.’ strategy of bringing all theatrical releases to the streaming platform in 2021.

The increase in HBO Max downloads is a good indicator regarding new subscribers. The main challenge is whether those new subscribers will stick around HBO Max through the year or not.

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