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Are Tony Khan and WWE President Nick Khan related?



is nick khan related to tony khan

The chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon, announced his retirement on Friday. As co-CEOs, Nick Khan will take over. He is the World Wrestling Entertainment president and Chief Revenue Office.

Meanwhile, Tony Khan is the founder, co-owner, CEO, GM, and Head of Creative for All Elite Wrestling. Is Tony Khan Related to Nick Khan is the genuine question here.

Is Tony Khan Related to Nick Khan?

Is Tony Khan Related to Nick Khan

The answer is “NO.” In an odd coincidence, two of the most influential people in professional wrestling in 2022 happen to share the same surname.

Tony Khan is the son of Shad Khan, an American-Pakistani entrepreneur who built a multibillion-dollar corporation in the automobile components industry.

The elder Khan also owns the English soccer team Fulham FC and the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tony Khan, 39, has always loved professional wrestling and is the millionaire son of a sports franchise owner.

Is Tony Khan Related to Nick Khan

Former talent agent and Hollywood power player Nick Khan joined the WWE in 2020. Like Tony, Nick is less involved in the artistic side of wrestling.

Currently, he is the driving force behind WWE’s wildly successful (and expanding) business endeavours.

There is no denying that these two Khans are two of the (if not the two) most important people in the pro wrestling industry right now, despite the fact that they both come from different backgrounds and have different responsibilities in their businesses.

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