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Sony put Hancock 2 on hold after Will Smith Oscar slap



Hancock 2

It was one of the most shocking moments of the 2022 Oscars when Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock. Aftermath, Sony Pictures decided to put a hold on the project that included Will Smith film, and Hancock 2 was a part of it to make things worse.

During the Oscars, Smith walked on stage after Chris Rock made a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and slapped him. Shortly after that, Smith won an Academy Award for best actor for his role in “King Richard.”

Hancock, a 2008 hit blockbuster, made a significant impact at the box office and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from audiences. After 14 years, Columbia Pictures (Sony Pictures Company) was given the green light to produce Hancock 2, the same company that produced the first film, but the recent Oscar controversy put everything on hold.

This project has taken so long to come together because there have been many scheduling conflicts with the stars, other project attachments, and even the selection of locations.

The Original Cast set to Return  

Hancock 2

Hancock’s main cast –Will Smith, Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman– have been extremely busy working on other action, drama/comedy films in recent years. While it would’ve been nice to have seen them all return for the sequel, it wasn’t feasible at the time as there were simply too many factors getting in their way.

Charles Theron stated that, “we’ll be superheroes with our walkers…I’ll still do it in a heartbeat.”

The Walking Dead, Writers working on the script

Hancock 2 writers

One of the few certainties about Hancock 2 is that Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara will co-write the script. Adam Fierro has written for shows like Dexter and The Walking Dead, which are based on dark and terrifying comics. 

The sequel will be directed by Peter Berg, who directed the first film. In an interview, Peter Berg revealed that the new story may revolve around a new superpowered character taking on Will Smith’s Hancock. The addition of the villain character would indicate that a new cast will be added. In addition, Sony had already halted the production of Bad Boys 4 – Smith had received 40 pages of the script prior to the Academy Awards – but will now halt it as well.

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