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Extraction 2 leak images show Chris Hemsworth performing dangerous stunts



Extraction 2

As we all know, Extraction 2 is an upcoming sequel of Extraction, which was Netflix’s biggest movie ever in July 2020. Chris Hemsworth starred as Tyler Rake in the action-packed film, which was first released in April 2020. Sam Hargrave directed the film, while Joe Russo wrote the screenplay, which was inspired by the novel Ciudad (author – Ande Parks), on which the film is based.

‘Extraction’ has been the most successful film for the streaming service. It has been reported that 99 million households watched the movie in its first four weeks. Sam Hargrave and the actor Chris Hemsworth are once again returning to shatter this record. 

Extraction 2 dangerous stunt

In the sequel, Chris Hemsworth, reprising his role as Tyler Rake, rushed around the city streets with a machine rifle and a ballistic vest while filming intense scenes.

Chris was also pictured filming adjacent to a black vehicle that later appeared to burst into flames during the filming.

Extraction 2 dangerous car stunt

A helicopter equipped with a camera was also photographed hovering above the action. While filming scenes in Europe midweek, the Thor star was surrounded by cameras and the burning vehicle.

Extraction 2 helicopter stunt

Where is Extraction 2 filmed?

It was originally planned to film the movie in Sydney, Australia, but the location was changed due to the global pandemic.

Extraction 2 location

‘Initially, this film was supposed to shoot in Sydney, but it was tricky with the lockdowns, and so on, so we made a move to Prague,’ Hemsworth revealed on the Today show. 

The cast of Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth is the only cast member who has been announced thus far. In the next sequel, he will resume his role as Tyler Rake. Because the film is already in production, we anticipate learning more soon.

Extraction 2 Release date

Extraction 2 Release date

The release date for Netflix’s Extraction sequel has not yet been announced. Considering the current filming schedule, we can expect ‘Extraction 2’ to be ready by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023

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