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‘No Time to Die’ crosses $700 million to became Hollywood’s most successful movie of 2021



No time to Die Box Office

Daniel Craig’s 007: ‘No Time to Die’ has grossed over $700 million at the box office in the epidemic. According to media reports, it is only the second Hollywood movie to achieve this feat, following Vin Diesel’s ‘Fast & Furious 9’ (F9).

‘No Time to Die’ also became Hollywood’s highest-grossing film outside of the United States as the pandemic surpassed F9. The overseas market received $558 million US dollars, which is Hollywood’s best performance this year and the best performance since the epidemic.

Only three films have made more money this year than ‘No Time to Die.’ That is ‘F9: The Fast and Furious Saga,’ which grossed $721 million, and ‘Hi, Mom,’ a Chinese comedy film, which grossed $822 million at the box office, and ‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’, which is the top-grosser of 2021 at $874 million.

According to reports, the low overseas rating of “007: No Time to Die” may be due to fan complaints about the poor 3D adaptation in China. Some viewers even objected, requesting that the 3D version not be arranged. As a result, some theatres have made a compromise and begun to screen the original 2D version in an all-around manner in order to improve the watching experience.

The 3D version of “No Time To Die” was only available in India and China. In the rest of the world No Time To Die released only in 2D.

No Time to Die

‘No Time to Die,’ the 25th James Bond film, was filmed on a large budget of $250 million and revolves around time, death, the past, and the future. The Daniel Craig era is likewise coming to an end.

Meanwhile, Eternals has become the biggest movie around the world at the global box office. The Eternal movie added $75.5 million this weekend to take its worldwide total to $281.4 million Eternals released in Indonesia, Russia, and UAE this week. The current split is $118.8 million from the US and Canada, with the rest $162.6 million from 49 markets around the globe.

Marvel Eternal will soon join the franchises of F9 and No Time to Die to become Hollywood’s most successful film.


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