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Mary Mouser: 10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About her



Mary Mouser Surprising fact

Mary Mouser has become everyone’s favorite after appearing in Netflix’s Karate Kid spinoff “Cobra Kai” show as Samantha LaRusso. Cobra Kai already scored three 2021 People’s Choice Awards nominations, following Emmy nominations earlier this year. 

Mouser was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and she began her career in the entertainment industry at a young age with her parents’ full support.

Mary is a YouTuber

Mary Mouser youtube

Just like Marvel star Florence Pugh, Mary is also a YouTuber and a content creator. She has over 378K subscribers, and she was pretty active on her channel until Cobra Kai Season 1. She posts a wide variety of videos, including vlogs.

Mary is a Voiceover artist. 

Mary Mouser voice artist

Mouser has a lovely voice, but few people realize that she worked as a voiceover artist before relocating to Los Angeles to seek acting roles. In the animated series “Me, Eloise,” (2006) she voiced the main character.

She Has Diabetes

In 2009, Mouser was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. According to Mayo Clinic, the chronic ailment “typically develops around infancy or adolescence” and is treated with insulin and blood sugar monitoring. In May 2019, Mouser marked her 10-year “diaversary” by posting a YouTube video on her diabetes diagnosis.

Since then, Mary has become a vocal advocate for diabetes education and research. She’s been involved with a number of charities that deal with the disease.

Mary once saved Peyton List in a bar

Mary Mouser and Peyton List

Despite their on-screen rivalry between Sam and Tory in “Cobra Kai” shows they are best friends. While making an Instagram Live video with List in September 2020, she reassured her followers that the two get along swimmingly. 

Mouser came to List’s rescue when a “very odd” guy started talking her up in a bar. However, she didn’t need to utilize her karate abilities to convince him to back off. “You come up to me and say, ‘Excuse me,’ and I’m like, ‘Excuse me,’ and you’re like, ‘Excuse me,’ and you’re ‘Come on, honey,’ List recalled during their Instagram conversation. “And the other person is like, ‘What?'” says the narrator. ‘Mouser then told the guy she was List’s girlfriend,’ she revealed. The grateful star expressed his gratitude by saying, “You saved me from the most uncomfortable situation.” 

Even though Mary Mouser and Peyton List are friends in real life, they don’t believe their “Cobra Kai” characters will ever become friends. Mouser wants Sam and Tory to continue fighting. “There’s a lot of power there,” she said, “but I think it’s more fun to watch them butt heads.”

Mary had never seen “The Karate Kid.” When she auditioned for the show

Cobra kai Mary Mouser
Pic Source @fanpop

When Mouser was cast in “Cobra Kai.” Her role was physically challenging, and she wasn’t prepared for the intensive training she’d need to play Sam. “I’ve never been into sports.” She told Elite Daily, “I’ve never been very active.” “It’s been a big adjustment, but it’s turned into something I’m passionate about even when I’m not working.” Because she’d never seen “The Karate Kid” movies, Mouser didn’t know the backstory of her character’s father and his foe Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) when she auditioned for “Cobra Kai.”

However, when she got selected in the Cobra Kai show, she binged watched all “The Karate Kid” movies in one go.

Her sibling is in Entertainment Industry as well.

Mary Mouser Family
Source @Wiki bio

Aaron Parker, her brother, and Frannie, her sister, have both worked in the entertainment industry. Aaron is known for his role in The Runways (2010), while Frannie is a voiceover artist. 

Mary Mouser’s Boyfriend

Mary Mouser boyfriend

I know it’ll break your heart to hear this, but she’s already picked her special someone. Mary is in a happy relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Brett Pierce. He is also an actor known for his role in Disney’s “Stuck in the Middle” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

She paid tribute to him in a post marking their five-year anniversary in December 2020. “Happy anniversary to the most spectacular boyfriend – who I am so grateful to say is also my best friend, my whole heart, and the only person I would want to spend the entire weekend locked in a cabin with,” she wrote. Mouser has mentioned Pierce several times when discussing “Cobra Kai” because he is a huge “Karate Kid” fan.

He was the one who introduced Mary to Cobra Kai Universe. During an appearance on “The Netflix After Party,” she admitted, “I guess I didn’t set any alarms.”” “When I awoke, my boyfriend asked, ‘Hey, how did your audition go?’ ‘What audition?’ I wondered. Pierce had no idea what the audition was for at the time, and when Mouser told him the series’ title “Cobra Kai,” he freaked out. “Give me a call, and I’ll get you back in there..” “Do whatever you have to do,” he said, she recalled. “Offer them limbs,” says the narrator. Just get back in there with your a**!

Mary is a Big Star Wars Fan

star war
Source @Instagram

Up until early 2019, Mary was one of the few persons who had never seen any of the Star Wars flicks. However, She was hooked after watching Star Wars for the first time, and she is now a major fan of the saga. Her love for Old movies started growing after watching “The Karate Kid”

Joaquin Phoenix stopped Mary from ruining the Movie

Mary Mouser movie

After attending an open call, Mary was cast as Abigail Breslin’s photo double in the 2002 film “Signs.” A photo double usually means Viewers were only allowed to see the back of Mouser’s head and various parts of her body when she was serving as a stand-in for Breslin. 

For the young actress, this was a difficult task. While filming one scene, she almost managed to slip her face into the camera by accident. Mouser was being carried through a cornfield by actor Joaquin Phoenix, and she grew tired of the view behind him. “I tried to turn my head to see what we were doing, and Joaquin Phoenix grabbed my head and shoved it back into his shoulder so I wouldn’t ruin the take!” she recalled in “Collider Ladies Night” interview.

She is devoted to skin and hair care.

Mary is very conscious of her appearance. She is passionate about skin and hair care and frequently posts vlogs on her YouTube channel on these issues.

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