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Cobra Kai: Aisha Robinson could possibly Return in Season 4



Cobra Kai Aisha in Season 4

Many fans were disappointed by the show’s creators regarding Aisha Robinson’s absence from Cobra Kai Season 3. We’re only a few months away from the release of Cobra Kai Season 4, yet the question still remains same: Does Aisha Robinson will appear in Season 4?

In Season 1 of Cobra Kai, Aisha Robinson is continuously mocked by the popular students at West Valley High School. After enrolling as a student at Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai dojo, she quickly discovers her inner strength and her new personality. 

However, In Season 2, when her friend Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) is severely injured during a massive brawl inside the school premises, she transfers schools, presumably for her safety. Due to this, the character did not appear in Season 3. Nichole Brown, who played the role of Aisha Robinson, confirmed this news on her Instagram via Reddit

Aisha’s disappearance has been recognized by the actors, writers, and showrunner on numerous occasions, with statements implying that viewers may see her return in the future.

Mary Mouser on Aisha possible Return in Season 4

Marry Mouser Cobra Kai

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mary Mouser, who plays Daniel LaRusso’s daughter Samantha addressed the potential of Aisha Robinson’s return in Season 4 of Cobra Kai. Samantha stated that she was aware of how much Aisha was loved by the show’s viewers.

“I think everybody you know loves the Aisha character,” said the actress.

She says that the character is significant as she was “the first Cobra Kai member that was female.” More female students have started learning karate at the dojos on the show after Aisha joined the martial arts class, according to Mouser.

Gianni DeCenzo

Gianni DeCenzo on Aisha

Gianni DeCenzo, who plays Demetri Character on Aisha, is another actor that worked with Mary Mouser on the show. He acknowledged that he had no idea if Aisha would return, but pointed out that on Cobra Kai, “we see people come and go“, He also mentioned characters like Yasmine (Annalisa Cochrane) and Kyler (Joe Seo) was brought back after being absent in Cobra Kai Season 2. 

Jon Hurtwitz & Josh Heald

Nichole Brown was told by Jon Hurwitz that just because she wasn’t featured didn’t mean she couldn’t come back later. Aisha could return to the show at some point in season four, according to Josh Heald.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said: “No one’s ever written out of our show. “What we like are enormous ensembles that have ins and outs. It makes the most of entrances and exits.” Viewers would have already noticed a number of familiar faces returned in this year’s outing after being absent throughout season two. 

This included Daniel LaRusso’s cousin, Louie (Bret Ernst), as well as high school bullies Kyler (Joe Seo) and Brucks (Bo Mitchell).

However, Heald avoided openly confirming Aisha’s comeback, but given the show’s constantly changing ensemble cast, the option is always open.

Josh Heald also explained why Aisha has been axed in Season 3, “He admitted season three was already packed with returning characters, including guest appearances from Elisabeth Shue, Tamlyn Tomita, and Yuji Okumoto.

This meant there were already enough storylines to juggle over the course of ten new episodes of Cobra Kai, without Aisha being thrown into the mix.”

Does Cobra Kai Aisha Robinson returning to Season 4?

Cobra Kai: Aisha in Season 4

As per creator Josh, Aisha’s character couldn’t be the part of Season 3 that just because season three was already packed with returning characters, and Aisha’s character didn’t fit in the storyline. 

Now that Terry Silver is returning for Season 4, there may be some space left that might need to be filled, and who knows, it could be “Aisha Robinson.” You Might see Aisha joining Eagle Fang and teaming up with Johnny Lawrence once again. 

However, it’s strange that we’re only a few months away from the Season 4 premiere and no one has denied that Aisha Robinson, aka Nicole Brown, isn’t part of it. Nicole had broke the news that she wouldn’t be part of season 3 way earlier on Instagram, but she remained silent about her appearance in Season 4. Even if it’s not in season 4, we do think that we will see Aisha again at some point, could possibly in Season 5.

Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode Name is already out, and Season 4 will premiere on Netflix on December 31, 2021. The good news is that Cobra Kai has been renewed for next season and we already got Cobra Kai Season 5 leaks, just ahead of the fourth season premiere.

Let us know what do you think about Aisha’s return to Cobra Kai Dojo. Do you think she’ll be in Season 4? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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