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William Zabka had a real life Johnny moment as he struggles to turn off Instagram Live



William Zabka real Johnny incident

William Zabka is known for his famous role as Johnny Lawrence in the Netflix Cobra Kai show. Johnny is energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic, but he is also a Nerd. Johnny lacks social skills as he doesn’t have any idea about today’s technology whatsoever.

When you think about Johnny Lawrence as a nerd, the most iconic scene of Cobra Kai season 3 pops up in your mind where Johnny went to a Pawnshop to sell his laptop just because it ran out of juice. The pawnshop owner asks Johnny did he plug it in, and Johnny replies, “you said it was wireless.” Recently, a similar incident happened with William Zabka.

William Zabka had a real life Johnny moment as he doesn’t know how to turn off Instagram Live. Watch the video below.

What makes it even hilarious is that Zabka uses a Keyboard for Instagram Live and tries to figure out patiently how to turn it off. Meanwhile, Instagram Live was busy capturing the struggling Zabka. Finally, Zabka found out that the Instagram Live feature was still recording him, and he smiles backs and admits that he was finding the way out to turn it off.

We don’t blame him after all he is Johnny Lawrence. William Zabka was born to play Johnny Lawrence character. Don’t forget to check out the latest Fall Collection of Cobra Kai Merchandise here.

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