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Netflix Officially Renewed Cobra Kai for Season 5



Cobra Kai Season 5 Renewed

We have exclusively told you about the Cobra Kai Season 5 filming to start in Atlanta soon, and now it’s been officially confirmed that Cobra Kai for Season 5 is happening. Netflix officially revealed that the hit Cobra Kai series had been renewed for a fifth season, even before the Season 4 premiere.

As we have reported earlier, that the filming for Season 5 starts in September. It makes sense to announce season 5 officially before going ahead with filming in Atlanta. 

The Karate Kid film franchise has attained numerous heights of popularity since it first debuted on Netflix last year.

While we still don’t know where will the storyline of Cobra Kai will head with Season 4 and upcoming Season 5, although co-creator of Jon Hurwitz hinted that they do have an endgame in mind. It will be no surprise if the creator announces season 6 in the future. 

“We just finished shooting Season 4 and we have a lot more that we’re excited to do, going forward,” Hurwitz explained. “So, we can’t tell you exactly how many seasons we’re going to have, but we know that we’re going to enter each season with enthusiasm and confidence. Eventually, we’ll talk to our friends at Sony and Netflix and say, ‘We think this is probably around the time we should be winding it down,’ and hopefully they’ll give us that time to do it. We’ll see.”

Cobra Kai Season 4 marks the return of Terry Silver. Thomas Ian Griffith is returning as Terry Silver, the villain he played in 1989 The Karate Kid Part III movie. Do checkout Biggest Online Shopping Sale happening here.

How excited are you to hear about Cobra Kai being renewed for Season 5? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fredrick Child

    August 29, 2021 at 4:23 pm

    I’m delighted to hear that there will be Season 5 ! I am a big Daniel and Kumiko fan and I’m hoping to see Kumiko back again soon !
    Ralph and Tamlyn have terrific chemistry together ! Good job !!

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