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Cobra Kai Creator talks about Season 4 Trailer Release date



Cobra kai season 4 trailer

Netflix has already revealed that “Cobra Kai” will be available to stream later this year. Netflix’s Co-CEO stated that Cobra Kai fans would be able to stream season 4 sometime in Q4. As we move forward towards the release of Season 4, Cobra Kai fans are getting excited to watch the first trailer of Season 4, and the wait will not be much longer. 

Jon Hurwitz, the executive producer of Cobra Kai, shared some information regarding the launch of the season 4 trailer on social media. Hurwitz took to Twitter to share a fan-made Cobra Kai trailer. 

He captioned, “It’s still too early for an official Season 4 trailer. But that didn’t stop @KroghMusic from making this bad*** one. I was already dying for you to see the S4 awesomeness, but this thing has me doubly pumped up! #CobraKai #FanArt

Jon Hurwitz, while replying to an impatient fan on Twitter, wrote, “I’m guessing it’ll be months from now,”  

It means we are still months away until an official trailer of Cobra Kai Season 4 comes out. We have already seen some on-set picture of Cobra Kai Season 4 leaked previously.

In an interview with the “Cobra Kai Kompanion” podcast, Jon Hurwitz and Josh Heald, creator of Cobra Kai, discussed the possible premiere of Cobra Kai Season 4. However, Hurwitz was tight lips about the information on the upcoming season. 

He stated that “Sometimes it is difficult to know exact dates when you’re dealing with a company like Netflix.”

“There’s so many elements that go into the decision making for like release dates and when trailers are coming out and all that stuff,” explained the writer. “That’s beyond just us wanting you know the images out in the world and wanting the info out there. You know, we always want the fans to get as much as they can as possible but there’s a whole process for everything.”

However, Hurwitz was confident about the show getting a release date near quarter four this year on Netflix. He also added that they do have “a cohesive, strong plan” in place of when an official trailer will premiere and the release date for season 4. 

You can watch complete podcast of cobra kai creators here.

Terry Silver in the Upcoming Cobra Kai Season 4

Cobra Kai Terry Silver

Netflix official has released a “Cobra Kai” season 4 teaser trailer on May 27, which marks the return of Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), the Cobra Kai dojo co-founder will be joining the Valley in the upcoming season. 

The character first appeared in “The Karate Kid Part 3,” and as per the show, creators Terry Silver will be helping out troublemaker sensei John Kreese in the new episodes. 

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