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Justice League Snyder Cut Viewed Over 250M Times In China beating Avenger Endgame Record



Snyder Cut in China

It took years for Zack Snyder to convince Warner Bros to release his Snyder Cut after the failure of the Theatrical Justice League 2017 and upon his numerous fan’s demands. Finally, Justice League Snyder Cut was released this year in March, and from the release, it is shattering all the records Worldwide.

Now China has become the latest addition to the list of Snyder Cut World Records. It has been reported that the movie has now been viewed over 250 million times on Migu Video in China.

These are phenomenal numbers considering that it has beaten the Records of Avenger: Endgame, which has been viewed 240 million times.

The Justice League Snyder Cut was made available on Migu Video just five days ago, and it’s already become one of the most viewed beating Avengers: Endgame’s numbers on the platform.

However, Endgame was released in theatre, Zack Snyder wanted to release the movie in the theatre, but Warner Bros. Pictures chose not to release it in Chinese theatre.

In the Covid time, it isn’t easy to get a movie released in China. The online streaming service is within reach of all, and the popularity of Justice League and Superman are the things that made Zack Snyder Justice league a blockbuster hit in China.

The Snyder Cut’s has shown impressive numbers on Chinese streaming platforms such as Migu Video. Tencent Video and BiliBili indicate how much Chinese people love Zack Snyder Justice League.

Here, It could change the destiny of Snyderverse as China is a very important market for Warner Bros. As per the reports, Toby Emmerich could leave the company, a new CEO could step in and decide the future of SnyderVerse should be continued or not.

With Toby Emmerich gone, AT&T could step in and decide the SnyderVerse to continue over HBO Max, which does make a lot of sense.

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Source – Migu (China)

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