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People demand that Gal Gadot gets Removed from Wonder Women for Supporting Israel.



Gal Gadot Israel

Gal Gadot criticizes Heavily for Supporting Israel on Twitter

Gal Gadot is not having good times these days after she confirmed reports that director Joss Whedon threatened her career in the Justice League set. She once again finds herself in controversy for supporting Israel against Palestinians.

Gal Gadot rose to fame after being crowned Miss Israel 2004. She later starred in the Hollywood movie like Fast & Furious franchise before becoming the popular face of Wonder Women in the DC Extended Universe film series.

People criticize Gal Gadot Heavily on Twitter for her support to Israel so much that she chooses to Turn off the comment on her post.

In her post, Gal Gadot says, Israel deserves to live as a free country and safe nation, although she says this hostility should be end to live in peace.

Gal Gadot’s has given her service in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) from 2005-2007. National military service is mandatory for all Israeli citizens over 18 of age, including most Israeli women – facts that some of Gadot’s critics have refused to address.

However, Gal Gadot Support for Israel is making people angry, and they are even demanding to replace Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman on Twitter.

While Natalie Portman, another Israeli-American actress, has been gone public with the fact that she does not associate herself with Israel and its tactics.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman even refused to take part in the ‘Jewish Nobel Award’ ceremony back in time in 2018. She said that she does not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel

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