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This Cobra Kai Dodge Challenger Replica Could Soon Be Yours



Cobra Kai Dodge Challenger Replica

Cobra Kai, the Karate Kid spinoff series, has been a huge hit on Netflix this year. The Cobra Kai was recently picked by Netflix last year after a Successful run on YouTube Red. One of the show’s Highlights is Johnny Lawrence Cobra Kai Dodge Challenger Car in a black and yellow Texture that instantly grabs your eyesight. 

The 2009 Dodge Challenger is a car given to Johnny Lawrence by Daniel LaRusso in Cobra Kai after Louie LaRusso and his friends destroyed his old Pontiac Firebird. 

After the Cobra kai Dojo Success in Season 2, Johnny took the Challenger to an auto shop where it is resprayed and customized with Cobra Kai decals such as Cobra Kai badges, logos, black rims, and called as “Cobra Kai Challenger.”

However, In Season 3, Johnny starts driving a 1993 Dodge Caravan minivan instead of the Cobra Kai Challenger. At some point, we all have missed the swag of Johnny’s Car, but luckily we have found the perfect Replica of Johnny’s Cobra Kai Dodge Challenger in Michigan. 

This Replica is originally a 2009 Model Dodge Challenger R/T. It has a V8 Hemi engine that produces a 372 hp Horsepower. The paint job is done by Meticulous, while the interior designing was done by shaders who also did the striping on the vehicle. It also comes with a fitted famous snake chrome shifter, Just like in Orginal Johnny’s Dodge Challenger. 

It took nearly two months to recreate the same Texture and Design of the Original Cobra Kai Dodge Challenger on this Replica.

According to Monicatti Automotive Sales, the original creator of this Replica is looking to raffle this beautiful Car for the Grand opening of their new Showroom in April. If only the Michigan state allows it or else they will be selling it off, but they still haven’t decided on the asking price of this Car.

They are also in talks with Ralph Macchio and William Zebka to sign them for the grand opening ceremony, and they’ll be donating 10% of the proceeds to Cobra Kai Charity.

Cobra Kai Dodge Challenger
Karate Kid Starcast Signed Merchandise

Moreover, with the Replica of Cobra Kai Challenger, you’ll also get a Pat Morita’s sign “Gee.” Karate Kid Starcast two 6×10 photos and 16×20 autographs, including William Zebka and Ralph Macchio, over $2,000 in memorabilia inc. 

If you live in the Michigan area, you are welcome to stop down Monicatti Automotive Sales Showroom and get a picture clicked with this Dodge Challenger Replica. You can connect to them via Monicatti Automotive Sales Facebook Page.


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