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Peyton List: 10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About her



Peyton List was once a Disney Princess 

Peyton List has become every household name after appearing in Netflix’s Karate Kid spinoff as Tory Nichols. Cobra kai has already become the Top Watched Streaming show in 2021. Which ultimately helps in skyrocketing the popularity of Peyton List Even more. She has become everyone’s favourite in no time. 

The award-winning actress and model have begun her career as a child model for tween magazines and companies. She has acted in several shows before landing her Dream Role in Cobra Kia. Let’s see How well You know, Peyton List. 

Peyton played Mini Role in Spiderman 2 (2004)

Not many of you know, Peyton’s List debuted on the big screen with the tiny little role of a 6-year old girl playing on steps in Spiderman 2. Sadly, she went uncredited for this role. 

She was seen busy chasing her football, not paying attention towards Dangerous Road crossing, and saved by Spiderman from the upcoming Truck, and we can’t thank Spiderman anymore. 

Peyton earned her first big spot in 27 Dresses.

Peyton List Starred in 27 Dresses

She made her acting debut in Anne Fletcher’s rom-com ’27 Dresses’ alongside Katherine Heigl. Peyton plays a younger version of the main character, and she was only 10-year old at that time. She was well acclaimed for her role in 27 dresses, which also laid a successful carrier for her.

She got her First Big Success with Disney Channel Series. 

Peyton List on Disney Channel series.

Peyton made her first big waves on two popular Disney Channel series: Jessie and Bunk’d. She quickly rose to prominence after portraying Emma Ross on the Debby Ryan-led Disney Channel series ‘Jessie.’


In 2015, she got another role in Disney’s Bunk’d. Her character became such a fan-favourite that it got reprised in the spinoff series Bunk’d.’

She Joined Cobra Kai in the hope to shed her Disney princess image. 

She was Nicknamed “the Octopus”

Peyton List Nicknamed Octopus

Peyton List was a basketball player in her school time. She was an aggressive defender in the Basketball game. Hence, she was named “the Octopus,” She says, 

I used to be called the octopus in basketball because I was an aggressive defender.

Now we know the secret behind her aggression in the Cobra Kai. 

Peyton has terrible vision. 

Photo Courtesy @Instagram

It’s hard to believe, but it is true. She had terrible vision since the fourth grade. Her mom finally realized the problem during a basketball game when she unknowingly kept passing the basketball to the opposite team. In an interview with US Magazine, she says, 

I’m blind as a bat.

She mostly uses Contact lenses on the sets. 

She has Rescued 5 Animals until now. 

Peyton List Dog Lord Potter
Photo Courtesy @Architectural Digest

Peyton is an animal lover. She has rescued three dogs, a cat, and a rabbit. She poses with one of her three rescue dogs, a sheepadoodle named Lord Potter. 

She has a rabbit named Claude, who once she saved from being eaten by a producer she once worked with.

She is a twin 

Payton has a twin brother named Spencer. They were born 10-minute apart on April 6, 1998. Her brother is also an actor like Peyton. He has acted in the different budget Star TV show but had seen in a small budget movie “Anthem of a Teenage Prophet” in 2018 with his twin sister Payton List. 

Acting Runs in her Family, Payton Small brother is also an upcoming actor.

Fear does not exist in Peyton List Dictionary. 

Peyton List adventure

Just like in Cobra Kai, She is fearless in real life. Peyton says she will go on any roller coaster ride. The scarier the ride, the better. She also loves theme parks. When Peyton first moved to LA, she was fascinated with Theme parks and would go to one every weekend. She has also done zip lining and says that I’ll go sky diving once I’m old enough. She is Daredevil, just like her character Tory in Cobra Kai. 

However, She does fear getting stuck in Train Subway at night. 

Peyton List’s Boyfriend

Peyton List Boyfriend

Peyton List started dating the ‘Shameless’ actor, Cameron Monaghan, while filming the “Anthem of a Teenage Prophet” movie in 2017. After a few weeks, She formed a strong bonding and understanding with Cameron. Shockingly, Peyton and Cameron end their relationship over the holidays of 2019 but kept the breakup amicable.

The ‘Gotham’ star tweeted a now-deleted video and entailed a heart-warming message for his ex-girlfriend, “Hey @PeytonList, figured now was as good a time as any to post this. The video was taken on the set of Anthem about two days after we had started dating. I was obviously smitten. Thanks for sharing nearly two amazing years together. Love you and wish you the best.” 

After her breakup with Cameron Monaghan, she has become entirely tight-lipped about her dating life. She gracefully accepts her former boyfriend as a significant part of her past. She does not wish to erase any part of it like most of her contemporaries.

Peyton has chosen to remain single for now instead of settling for someone just for the paparazzi.

The Other Peyton List

Poison Ivy Peyton List

Peyton List is not the only one with a unique name in the Hollywood Industry. Surprisingly, there is another actress with the same name. The other Peyton List is also a TV and Movie Star, known for the Poison Ivy role, The Flash, Gotham, etc. She is 12 years older than our Peyton List.

She once unknowingly stayed at the same hotel as another Peyton List, and the other Peyton got younger Peyton List script! Both actresses have guest-starred on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Did you know all this about Peyton List? Do tell us in our comment section and tell us do you want the second part with Samantha LaRusso?

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