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What did Netflix Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel Didn’t tell you about Elisa Lam and Cecil hotel



Netflix Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Netflix Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel Left out many details about Elisa and Cecil Hotel.

Netflix’s latest documentary, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, has created a lot of buzz around the mysterious Elisa Lam death. At the same time, it has raised a lot of questions about the Cecil Hotel.

The Cecil Hotel, which is Now known as “Stay on Main,” was a once-grand place with 700 rooms over 14 floors, became a popular space with travelers because of its low cost and accommodation.

After it opened in 1927, Soon it became a hub for criminal activity for all kinds of Serial killers, drugs, suicide, prostitution, violence. It quickly gained a reputation as a cursed hotel.

However, Netflix has covered all aspects of Cecil Hotel, from Richard Ramirez to Jack Unterweger, known as serial killers who have stayed at the hotel and were involved in criminal activity. Still, there are some things that Netflix didn’t, told you about Cecil Hotel. These Things eventually happened after Elisa Lam’s death.

Missing Cell Phone of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Based on serval reports, the Police didn’t find her phone, either with her with her body or in her hotel room. Netflix Documentary didn’t tell you anything about Elisa Lam Missing’s phone. Elisa Lam herself said in the Tumblr post that she had lost her phone on January 27. Now the question arises if she has lost her phone how she connected to her family. Lam must have borrowed the phone from someone or used the hotel staff’s phone. Elisa stopped calling her parents after January 31.

Elisa Lam Tumblr Blog was active after her death.

Eliza Lam Tumblr account

Elisa Lam Tumblr Blog was still active and posting even after her death till December 13. It seems like the disappearance of Elisa’s Cell phone and her Tumblr post are interconnected to each other.

Elisa Lam could be the one behind all these posts on her Tumblr blog. Possibly she has used the Quened feature on her Tumblr blog. What Raises the question? She regularly updated Her Tumblr post, on an average of 8 Tumblr posts per day. As soon as her body was discovered in the water tank on February 19, her Tumblr post speed rate drastically decreased. She posted on the 18th of eve, and after the gap of nine days, she again posted the last one on the 27th of February. In February, Elisa alone posted a total number of 158 Tumblr posts.

It could be someone who was using Elisa Lam Cell phone that she has lost on January 27, and he kept on updating her Tumblr Post. The coroner’s report, released in June, stated that Elisa Lam’s died on February 2, and the cause of Death is Accidental drowning.

The Tale of Elisa Lam Missing Glasses

According to LAPD, Elisa Lam left home without her glasses. Why is it necessary, though? Elisa not having her glasses with her would explain her not noticing the risk of the water tank, as investigated.

Without glasses on, she couldn’t see water in the tank or the depth of it and may have thought it was a safer place to be than with whomever she thought was following her in her Bipolar and possibly off medication state.

Elisa Lam other Social Networking Sites

Elisa Lam Blogspot and Instagram

Before Tumblr, she was using other Social Networking sites like Blogspot as well as Instagram.

She continued using Tumblr even on L. A trip, but while she used the Blogspot called Ether Fields from 2010 to July 2012, she used Instagram Last in December 2012. The Blogspot and Instagram were also part of the Police Investigation.

Here’s Her Instagram plays a vital role and reveals much more about Elisa Lam’s behavior. Her Instagram page, especially the last two images, suggested she liked skyline aesthetics. It could be the reason why she went to the roof to explore the night and skyline aesthetics if we debunk someone chasing her theory.

Elisa Lam Blogspot

Elisa Lam Instagram

Elisa Lam Room No 412 in Cecil Hotel

Elisa Lam Room No 412

When She check-in at the “Stay on Main,” known as Cecil Hotel, Lam was initially assigned a shared room on the hotel’s fifth floor, Room no 503. However, when her roommates complained about Elisa’s odd behavior, then she was moved to a room of her own just after two days.

According to Ghost Adventure: Cecil Hotel. Lam moved to her own personal Room on the fourth floor, Room No 412. When Elisa lam was found dead in a water tank, this particular Room was assigned to her at that time. The Hotel Staff collected her belonging from this Room No 412.

A Ghost Sighting At The Cecil Hotel.

An alleged ghost picture was captured from beneath a window by a boy in 2014. The photo was taken by resident Koston Alderete, showing a mysterious figure hanging outside a fourth-floor window.

“When I looked at that window, it just looked kind of creepy to me, and then I showed my friend, and he kind of freaked out. It just creeps me out still,” he said.

This further states the stories told over the decades that spirits haunt the hotel is real.

An unidentified Man Died Outside Cecil Hotel.

An unidentified 28-year-old man who died on June 12, 2015, may have plunged to his death from a Cecil Hotel Main Street in downtown Los Angeles, a Los Angeles County coroner’s spokesman said

The assistant manager of Cecil Hotel said the man who died was not a guest and could have been an intruder.

A report by Los Angeles Times says that the man reportedly died by suicide.

A Women Seen Hanging from Cecil Hotel Window

It is the most recent incident encounter with the Cecil Hotel. In 2020 around December, a Tik Toker saw a woman hanging from the Window of Cecil Hotel, and he called 911. As soon as the Rescuer arrived, he saw her saying to the Rescuer that they were Filming. According to Tik Toker, she didn’t leave the Cecil Hotel, and he didn’t see anyone Filming her.

This particular incident had grabbed more headlines than ever. Later on, we got to know that it was filmed for another Documentary for Discovery + called “Ghost Adventure: Cecil Hotel” that arrived before the Netflix Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.

Ghost Adeventure: Cecil Hotel

We also found the exact Clip-on Ghost Adventure: Cecil Hotel, and here the Comparison. You can see the questionable Tik Tok Video here

Cecil Hotel to Re-open in 2021

Cecil Hotel Re-open

The Cecil Hotel was Renamed in 2011 as “Stay on Main.” In 2017 the Stay on Main (Cecil Hotel) closed its doors for the public in preparation for major renovations. It was due to open in 2021 as per the new Ghost Adeventure: Cecil Hotel; we didn’t find any construction and renovation happening in the Cecil Hotel.

We have published a dedicated Article about the Re-opening of Ceil Hotel Here. We Don’t think that Cecil Hotel will see the day of Light in the coming several years. 

If you have anything to add on or want to tell us about your view on Elisa Case, our comment section down below is always open.


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