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[Update] Cobra Kai Season 4 on set photos leaked



Cobra Kai Season 4 on set picture

Cobra Kai Next Season to be released on Netflix in late 2021

Cobra Kai Season 4 is officially coming to Netflix and the shooting has started in Atlanta. Cobra Kai Season 3 had a successful run on Netflix this year and found its place in the No 1 slot of the most-streamed series ever.

Today we bring you the fresh Cobra Kai Season 4 on-set photo from Atlanta IceForum. We can see Ralph Macchio on an LCD Monitor and William Zabka standing in the next frame.

It is safe to say here both are giving training to their student for the upcoming All-Valley Tournament adding the Ice effect. As we have seen, in the Last Episode of Season 3 both Daniel and Johnny came together to fight Cobra Kai Kreese and his Gang.

This is the First on-set picture of Cobra Kai season 4 that has been leaked online. The Season 4 shooting had already started on January 20th. Cobra Kai Next Season to be released on Netflix in around January 2022.    


[Updated on 22/2/21] We can see a brand New Location here and Robby, who is waiting for somebody to open the door. After some time, we can see someone opens the door, and then Robby exchange some words and hand him over a backpack.

The Cobra Kai Fans Believe that’s it the Shawn from Season 3 who bullied Robby while he was serving a prison sentence. However, it could be Kyler, who recently joined the Cobra Kai. If we look at the physique and compare it to Shawn, who is much taller and bulkier than Robby and doesn’t fit the portfolio. Kyler almost fits the other person shown in this video.

Latest Update (Contain Potential Spoiler) 

[Updated on 24/04/21] The Article below contains the Potential Spoiler for Cobra Kai’s upcoming Season 4. So move ahead cautiously.  

Netflix has already Revealed that Cobra Kai Season 4 coming in late 2021. The Cobra Kai Season 4 Post-production will start very soon. 

We already got some behind the scene video of the upcoming Season 4 and we can see Miguel and Johnny Lawrence sporting an Eagle Fang T-shirt. 

At the end of Cobra Kai Season 3, we saw Johnny and Daniel joining their hands, forgetting their Rivalry, and coming out together to tackle John Kreese and his Evil Cobra Kai Gang in the All Valley Tournament. 

As per the leaked video, It looks like the All Valley Tournament is taking place and Johnny Lawrence Eagle Fang Karate, John Kreese Cobra Kai, and Myagi-Do are taking part in the All Valley Tournament. 

In the video, we also see Moon who came to cheer Miguel probably for all valley tournament and we see John Kreese walking by from the shooting sets wearing traditional black Gee. John Kreese Black Gee is similar to Johnny Lawrence’s one which he wore in the All Valley tournament in Season 1. 

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