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10 Things you have missed in Godzilla vs Kong Trailer



Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs Kong trailer took Youtube by storm it got a million views overnight. As if now, Godzilla vs. Kong’s trailer numbers on the Warner Bros YouTube has risen to close to 50 million views. If we compare to The Batman DC Fandom teaser that came out in August, currently sits at 27.7 million views on YouTube five months later.

The Godzilla Vs. Kong trailer promises non-stop battle between the two Legendary Titans, In the trailer it seems like they are fighting for the King spot and this fight will not stop unless a titan fall among them. But that’s not all it there more and the thing which you have missed. Here’s our full list of things you have missed in the trailer.

10. King Kong Back Story

Kong with Small Girl

The Godzilla vs. Kong trailer tries to tell us the back story of King Kong and his motives for the fight. It is also shown that Kong formed a strong emotional bond with a girl on Skull Island. As the trailer moves on, it reveals that she is the only one Kong will actually listen to. It looks like she was left behind the skull island and Kong’s only motive is to protect her at any cost.

9. Godzilla turns from Hero to Villain

Godzilla destroying Jets

Godzilla seems like a lunatic who is only motive is to tear the thing apart and destroy everything that comes in his way. We can see Godzilla tearing through the Monarch ships with his gigantic fins. Godzilla also whacked out the fighter jet with a finch of his tail.  

8. Kong challenges Godzilla for Battle

Kong Challenges Godzilla

In Godzilla: King of Monsters, we have seen that Godzilla is able to track Titans, so he may have sense Kong from far away. As the Godzilla previous movie title suggests “King of the Monster” which truly Godzilla is he made other Titans bow to him but Kong, not the one who bows to anyone, says the lady. Thus, King Kong challenges Godzilla in his style and Godzilla Headbutts Him.

7. Godzilla and Apex connection

Godzilla and Apex

The Godzilla vs Kong trailer shows an annotated map which highlights the Godzilla attack in different region and also reveals something about the connection between Godzilla and Apex. Apex believed to be a cybernetics company that might be the one controlling Godzilla and provoking him to attack innocent people. The changes are also that Apex is the one who is doing all this not Godzilla.

6. A Glimpse Of A HEAV

HEAV hollow Earth

The Godzilla vs Kong trailer contains lots of mystery and the UFO thing is one of them – We believe it’s a HEAV that is used to travel in the hollow earth. At this point, Kong Travelled to Hallow Earth.

5. How did King Kong get so big?

The most mysterious thing about the Godzilla vs Kong trailer is How does Kong grow so big? If you are looking for a simple answer –Is to take on Godzilla into hand-to-Hand combat otherwise Godzilla will Kick off Kong like a Football.

The Most Complex answer will be, In Kong Skull Island it was clearly mentioned, “he was growing” and wasn’t even an adult at that time. The Kong Skull Island story was set up in 1973 so by the year 2021 it’s been 48 years since he has grown up in such a big size and as an Adult.

4. Godzilla is Very Angry

Angry Godzilla

No doubt, we can see Godzilla in its angry form in the whole Trailer. But at this moment we can see something there on the building that pisses him off. It could be the Apex Headquater, which is speculated behind all this destruction. As the trailer, moves on we can see Godzilla uses his atomic breath as a devastatingly effective weapon and actually kills soldiers.  

3. Kong Wields A Deadly Axe

Kong Axe

We can see in the trailer Kong Holding a Deadly Axe just like Thor Stormbreaker. It is safe to say that this scene takes place inside the Hallow Earth as we can see in the background HEAV which is used to travel to Hallow Earth.  If we look closely axe’s shaft appears to be a bone, glowing red, as if to denote belonging to a Titan with fire powers – Godzilla itself.

2. Kong’s Axe vs Godzilla’s Atomic Breath

Powerful Kong Axe Breakdown

The Climax shot of the trailer reveals the big war between Kong vs Godzilla. The Kong Axe is capable to absorb Godzilla’s atomic breath. Not only it can absorb but it looks to be drawing the atomic breath towards it and Kong able to hit Godzilla on his head in a most brutal way. I hope Thor noting down this.

1 Mechagodzilla – the Villain


If you look closely, the first section of the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer reveals the biggest threat the city has, and it is Not Godzilla. It’s actually a Mechagodzilla attack disguised as Godzilla that brings destruction into the city and we can see humans running away from the Dangerous Mechagodzilla. If we look at the monster in the background we can see he is using atomic breath while his neck turns into Red doing so but in the case of Godzilla, it turns to Blue which states that he is not Godzilla.

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